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by Tinkerhell

Web, App and Mobile Design

WordPress Theme Design

I always work on a theme from scratch, starting from research-related data on culture, art, psychology, color, compatibility with the currently popular trend webite without losing the originality and identity of the object itself, and also I always work in accordance with the latest web technology.

for me, working on a website design that is like creating a work of art, where there is heart, emotion, love, rigor, discipline. That's why I do it very carefully and take time in each particular process. I work with WordPress for a lot of reasons, but in the main I use WordPress because it’s:

  • Free (in both senses of the word.) It allows me to make inexpensive themes because I don’t have to factor in the cost of some fancy content management software.
  • It’ll be around for a long time. WordPress has got a huge community and a lot of support behind it. It’s not going to disappear tomorrow or next month so I feel confident in using it as a future-proof solution.
  • The WordPress admin is great. If you want to change your content it’s really easy. On almost every occasion my clients are able to change the content of their website themselves for maximum flexibility and no cost!

A WordPress theme can cost between £1500 and £5000.

Web App Design

I can deliver templates for your web app in HTML and CSS, ready to bolt on to your backend.

From the initial planning phases, through wireframes and up to the finished product I can help you create usable and good-looking interfaces.


recomended reading

recomended book

dont't make me thing

by Steve Krug
Price: IDR 50.000
ISBN: 978-979-024-614-0


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